I'm Data Dan...

...a PhD-trained data scientist with over ten years of experience. I have created fraud detection systems, ML models for pricing optimization, distributed analytics pipelines, and more, and I have spoken at conferences around the world.


However, in the midst of increasing concern over widespread misuse of data and the implications of AI, I have decided to more single-mindedly apply my AI, ML, and data science/engineering skills to projects that align with my Christian faith and my love for open source software. As a "data science missionary," I hope to demonstrate how AI (among other things) can make a real positive difference in the world and, most importantly, accelerate the spread of the "gospel" (good news) that has transformed my life.


I also love teaching and sharing the practical AI skills I have gained over time, and I continue to do this through conference workshops, the Practical AI podcast, corporate trainings, online classes, community forums, books, advising/consulting, and presentations.

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Mission work

I'm still in the early stages of my mission work, and these projects are just taking shape. However, I can share some exciting details:

Translation/Language - I'm serving as a data scientist and advisor with SIL International, an organization that is already developing some amazing technology to translate the Bible into all languages and improve people's quality of life through language. I'm helping them leverage their language, geospatial, and other data, and I'm advising SIL leadership and other employees on matters related to statistical analysis, analytics, AI/ML, data infrastructure, etc.

Seeker Multiplication Modeling - I'm also working with a coalition of Christian missions organizations to apply machine learning and AI techniques to targeted media outreach and discipleship. Specifically, this means finding individuals around the world that are seeking Christ online and that may be otherwise isolated from Christian influence. The goal is to personalize interactions with those individuals, connect them to local believers, and drive local discipleship movements. For related information, check out discipleship tools, kingdom training, and the zume project.

FaithTech, Code for the Kingdom, and Community Organization - I was the primary organizer of the 2017's Code for the Kingdom (C4TK) Chicago Hackathon, and I'm currently working with FaithTech, C4TK, and others to organize a kingdom-focused hackathon in Chicago in 2018. Through these and other events, I hope to catalyze new uses of technology to help those in need and multiply disciples of Christ around the world.

If you are a Christian and/or if these projects resonate with you, please consider joining my missions prayer/mailing list to keep up-to-date and/or consider supporting this work financially.

Open source and community involvement

I am actively involved in the AI/ML, Go, Docker, and Kubernetes communities, and I contribute to the following projects:

In addition, I produce related content here on datadan.io, at conferences, and elsewhere on the web, including:

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