Talks and schedule


I frequently travel to conferences and other events to talk, give workshops, or just attend. I would love to meet you at one of these events. Come say hi!


Upcoming Talk/Workshop Title                                   Event                             Date
ML on Kubernetes, tutorial O'Reilly AI SF 5-7 September, 2018
ML with Go Workshop GopherCon 27-30 August, 2018
Python-based AI workflows workshop QCon New York 25-26 June, 2018


Talk/Workshop Title Event Slides Video/Audio
Compliant Data Management and ML at Scale KubeCon EU here here
Python-based AI workflows QCon AI here -
ML with Go, and ML on Kubernetes workshops Applied ML Days here -
Streaming data analysis with Go OReilly Online Training - -
Building GPU accelerated workflows with Tensorflow and Kubernetes KubeCon here here
Streaming data analysis with Go OReilly Online Training - -
Super ML Bros GDG Devfest Capital Region here -
Reproducible Data Science in the Cloud RPI here -
Honey I Shrunk the Neural Net! All Things Open here -
Building a Neural Net with Go Chicago Go Meetup here -
Ultimate Data Workshop GopherCon here -
Sustainable Machine Learning Workflows UofSF Analytics Seminar Series here -
Integrating Julia in real-world, distributed pipelines JuliaCon here here
Putting the Science back in Data Science Metis SF Data Science Meetup here -
Fully-Reproducible ML Deployment with Spark, Pachyderm and MLeap Spark Summit here here
Putting the science back in data science Chicago Data Science Conference - -
Scalable, distributed deep learning with Python and Pachyderm PyCon here -
Scalable, distributed machine learning with Pachyderm Chicago ML Meetup here -
Putting the science back in data science ODSC East here -
Ultimate Data Workshop WWG SF here -
Reproducible data processing with Go Capital Go here here
Enabling reproducibility at scale with R and Pachyderm R Conference NYC here here
Taking over the (data) world with Go and Pachyderm Chicago Ultimate Go here -
Guest Interview Data Latam Podcast - here
Go + Data Science GopherCon India here -
Ultimate Data Workshop GopherCon India here -
Guest Interview Software Engineering Daily Podcast - here
Guest Interview Data Skeptic Podcast - here
Distributed Analysis of the 2016 World Chess Championship Metis Chicago Data Science Meetup here -
Guest Interview Data Engineering Podcast - here
Ultimate Data Workshop GDG DevFest Siberia here -
Data science Gophers Chicago Ultimate Go here here
Go for data science/engineering GONSK Meetup #6 here -
Go for data science GopherCon 2016 here here
Guest Interview Go Time Podcast - here
A Gopher's Guide to Data GopherFest here -
Intro to Developing Dockerized Data Apps Datapalooza Austin here -
Go for data science/engineering ChicaGolang Meetup here -